Wealth Management

The Wealth Management Department at Rasameel has extensive years of experience developed from different sectors of the financial world. The team provides their services through a client-centric approach that focuses on understanding each client’s risk appetite, financial goals and future needs. Through this understanding our wealth managers match clients with the right investment solution fit with a holistic approach towards their financial goals, that aims to develop a long lasting and prosperous relationship.

System Structure

Rasameel employs the most up-to-date system structure for investment portfolio management, performance measurement and reporting software. This technology delivers a powerful, scalable, and cost-effective investment tracking and client-reporting system.


  • Portfolio & Fund Client Reporting
  • Real Estate Portfolio Reporting
  • Total Client Privacy & Security
  • Always Anticipating Our Clients Needs & Preferences
  • Portfolio & Fund Analysis
  • Continuous Asset Allocation Monitoring


Who do we serve:

  • High net worth individuals 
  • Family Offices 
  • Corporations & Institutions 
  • Sovereign Wealth Funds


Wealth Management Offerings: 

  • Funds & Portfolios 
  • Global Real estate opportunities
  • Customized investnment portfolios 
  • Private equity and venture capital 
  • Investment Advisory