Gain greater convenience, customization and choice with SPHERE: the latest advance in wealth management delivered through our innovative Unified Managed Account (UMA). With SPHERE, you get convenient access to the most current theories and insights from our Investment Strategy Committee, Sharia Scholars, independent 3rd party professionals and elite money managers worldwide within a highly customized portfolio managed by Rasameel Investment Company. Specifically designed for your serious money, SPHERE replaces the emotions of investing with a strictly rational and decisive approach.

You will benefit from SPHERE if you:

  • Have reached the stage in life where you require professional investment management for your serious money.
  • Lack the time to manage your own investments due to your family, business or career obligations.
  • Prefer the convenience of delegating day-to-day investment decisions to exceptionally qualified professionals.
  • Want to remove all the emotions and guesswork from investing.
  • Face multi-faceted financial concerns, which could range from judiciously optimizing your investment capital to protecting your family’s wealth for future generations.
  • Wish to simplify your complex financial affairs with an integrated wealth management solution and consolidated account reporting.
  • Require un-biased portfolio solutions for your institutions objectives.



With most investment programs, you are fit to the program.  SPHERE is fit to you. It is a comprehensive, integrated and lifelong program that can evolve with you — from building your wealth for the future to enjoying your wealth during retirement to creating a lasting legacy for your family. Whether you’re investing for yourself, your family, your foundation or your business, a  SPHERE Portfolio can be tailored to your needs.



We identify a select group of 3rd party money managers, drawing from the universe of best-in-class management firms worldwide. Thoroughly evaluated, carefully selected, and closely monitored on an ongoing basis. These managers are intended to represent a consistently elite group. The managers that make the cut, are the ones you will have the option to include within your SPHERE.



With SPHERE portfolios you can avoid the guesswork and emotions that plague the common investor. Instead, you benefit from a professionally managed, highly disciplined process that employs purely rational criteria for all investment decisions made on your behalf. The SPHERE process is designed to provide consistent, long-term value, while reducing risk through the conscientious application of progressive diversification techniques as well as our rigorous due diligence process. It also provides rigorous internal oversight to ensure your SPHERE Portfolio stays on track.



With a SPHERE Portfolio, we take emotions out of the equation completely — replacing them with a rational framework for investment decision-making. The SPHERE framework is a tailored made 3-step process:

  • STEP 1 - Your Game Plan (Investment Policy Statement)
  • STEP 2 - Your SPHERE Portfolio
  • STEP 3 - Systematic On-Going Review


STEP 1 - Your Game Plan (Investment Policy Statement)

Establishing a current, relevant and meaningful Game Plan is the first step in our 3-step process. Your Game Plan serves as a policy guide that offers an objective course of action to be followed during periods of market disruption when emotional or instinctive responses might otherwise motivate less prudent actions. Your game plan is a highly customized document that is uniquely tailored to your preferences, attitudes, goals and situation. Game Plan templates that purport to offer convenience and ease in development almost inevitably sacrifice consideration of factors that are highly relevant to an investor. Our investment professionals will sit down and listen to you, learn more about your desires and wants, and use these desires and wants as the backbone of your Game Plan.


STEP 2 - Your SPHERE Portfolio

  1. Our Asset Management Team will align your portfolio’s overall asset allocation, in accordance with your established Game Plan, with the most current theories and insights under consideration by our Rasameel Investment Strategy Committee, Sharia Compliance Scholars, and independent 3rd party professionals.
  2. Our professionals will provide you with screened, best-in-class 3rd party options, and then collaborate with you through-out the decision making process, ensuring your SPHERE is dominated with only top tier solutions.


STEP 3 - Systematic On-Going Review

  • Now that your Game Plan has been established, and your SPHERE portfolio constructed, our Rasameel Asset Management Team will diligently monitor and review the overall performance of your SPHERE.
  • Review your Game Plan according to the control procedures established.
  • Perform on-going SPHERE management due-diligence.
  • Establish a “watch-list” of potential future 3rd party product managers whose products are close to qualifying according to your stated mandates.
  • UMA consolidated reporting.