Funds & Portfolios Management

Spear-headed by a team of dedicated professionals with a strong background in investment management, our portfolio / fund management team boast a collective wealth of experience that extends its knowledge to also include regional and global financial market expertise.

Investment Products & Services

  • Balanced Portfolios
  • Equity Funds
  • Wealth Management
  • Sukuk & Yield Funds
  • Portfolio Management


By scanning local, regional and global markets for undervalued assets on relative and absolute terms, at RSF we are constantly seeking the best investment opportunities for our clients. Through determining major threats that may arise and analyzing fundamentals to identify the most profitable investments for our clients, our focus is on a consistently optimal entry strategy. Upon achieving target levels of return, while engaging in an assessment of subsequent upside potential, our fund managers continue to assess any possible deterioration and profit is maximized when each strategy has achieved return target levels.