Alternative Investment

Alternative Investments Department (AID) plays an essential role in Rasameel in providing deal flow of investment products. AID is divided into three main divisions:

International Real Estate

IRE focuses on soliciting and closing deals in the UK, US and Germany that are income producing through established local partners in those regions. The main strategy is to structure real estate transactions into income producing investment products that allow our investors to enjoy constant recurring yield for the duration of the investment. From time to time, IRE might look into value-add real estate transactions such as development or tenant management.

Local & GCC Real Estate

LGRE will allow our clients to enjoy enhanced returns on their Kuwaiti Dinars through our funds. Our first fund is a plain vanilla real estate fund and through it, LRE will target undervalued & prime properties that are income producing. Our access to active brokers in the GCC markets allows us to exp

Private Equity

Private Equity is an integral part of any healthy economy. In Kuwait, there is a full range of established companies spanning over a wide spectrum from sub-million to multi-million in capital and some are many generations old and others are newly established. This gives a huge potential for transacting with these companies in many forms; financial advisory, fund raising, restructuring and trading