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I hereby declare that all supplied information are accurate and are a true reflection of facts. I undertake to bear full responsibility for any misleading statements or inaccuracies contained herein. I also represent that the subject matter of this complaint is currently not being heard at any court nor did I commence any judicial application or measure in this regard. Any rights to seek any other remedial measures are hereby relinquished should I come to a corrective agreement with the company and the company successfully acts upon its terms and conditions. I further undertake not to resubmit any complaint to the Capital Market Authority or the Central Bank of Kuwait in connection with the subject matter provided herein.


Kindly complete, sign, and send the form through one of the following means:
1. In person to the Clients Complaints Unit at the company;
2. By mail, attention Ms Omaymah Al-Khatib - Clients Complaint Unit,
    Address: Sharq, Ahmed Tower - P.O. Box 4915 . Safat. 13050 Kuwait
3. By e-mail, attention Ms Omaymah Al-Khatib- Clients Complaint Unit, at:

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